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Schiedam arose in the same way as the late great neighbor Rotterdam near the mouth of the Schie was probably around 1230 by de heer Wassenaar and / or de heer Dirk Bokel craft Mathenesse built a dam to protect the polder land from the sea.

In 1247 received Aleid Holland at her wedding to John of Avesnes the eastern part of the dam (and the polder) as a wedding gift. This dam attracted to trading because goods to the hinterland (Delft, Leiden and Haarlem and later) there had to be beaten.

The town quickly gained city rights: these were granted in 1275 by Lady Aleid Holland (Aleida Avesnes), the sister of Count William II of Holland. She had a castle built here, "the House to Riviere." Remnants of a dungeon, which was part of the castle, nowadays still be seen in the center of Schiedam, next to the municipal office in Schiedam Broersvest.

As a young settlement Schiedam was soon competition: in 1340 1389 were respectively Rotterdam and Delft permission to build a water connection between the Schie and the Maas. From the fifteenth century flourished the devotion around the Holy Lidwina, who lived in Schiedam. The city was then given meaning by the herring fishery. In 1428 took place in Schiedam a great fire.

The eighteenth century was Schiedams Golden Age: the stalled beverage imports from France made the rise of the Schiedam distillery possible. From dozens of distilleries and distillery in Schiedam gin was exported all over the world. The gin industry Schiedam nicknamed "Black Nazareth. The industry has now largely disappeared.

Six mills: Mill The Walvisch, Mill's Three Koornbloemen, Mill Liberty, Mill De Noord, De Nieuwe Palmboom and again in 2011 built mill Camel, the tallest windmills in the world - because they were stabbing above the high warehouses, but also because due to the large production lots of storage space was needed - and a large number of former distilleries still remind the burner time. In one of these distilleries, located in the historic Lange Haven has since 1996 established the Gin Museum.

To mark the 700th anniversary in 1975 Schiedam History was released, written by Drs. G. van der Feijst, the former city archivist. Here the history of Schiedam was described from the origin to 1795.

In 1941 the municipality Kethel and Spaland annexed, so there was room for large-scale housing north of Schiedam. Here now are the districts Tuindorphotel Kethel, Groenoord, Woudhoek and Spaland.

In the twentieth century, flourished in Schiedam shipbuilding (including Wilton-Fijenoord), but the industry has largely disappeared. Schiedam is now primarily a commuter town. Additionally Schiedam has increasingly developed in recent years as a tourist attraction. The historic Old Town with the sights described below lends itself to this.

In 2005 came a new mill at (De Nolet), who with his 41.82 meters is the highest in the world. The Nolet was put into use in 2006. In 2009 started the rebuilding of the windmill Camel opposite the Proveniershuis. On May 14, 2011 it was the country Molendag commissioned.

In 2006 opened the revamped Museum.

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  Municipality in the Netherlands  21px Flag of the Netherlands svg 
    125px Flag of Schiedam svg Coat of arms of Schiedam 2 svg
    Flag Insignia
    255px Map NL Municipality code 0606 (2009) svg

 220px Stadhuis Schiedam

Old Town Hall of Schiedam

    Province 20px Flag Zuid Holland svg  Zuid-Holland
    Coordinates 51° 55′ NB, 4° 24′ OL
    Acreage 19,86 km²
    - land 18,02 km² 


Schiedam, zicht op haven foto2 2008 05 12 11 32

View at Schiedam inculding the zakkendragershuisje

    - water 1,84 km²
    Inhabitants (31 march 2015) 76.858 (4265 inh/km²)
    Major thoroughfares 51° 55′ NB, 4° 24′ OL

220px SchiedamMolens1981

Some mills in Schiedam, De Vrijheid and De Noord (in the background)

    Mayor Cor Lamers (CDA)
    Aaverage income (2006) € 12 600 per inh.
    Average WOZ value(2008) € 158.000



    Unemployed people (2007) 19 per 1000 inh.
    Postal codes 3100-3125
    CBS-code 0606



    230px Bevolkingspiramide 2008
    Population pyramide (2008)
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